At Pagosa Adventure Rentals, we want our visitors to have the time of their lives renting our ATVs, UTVs, and vintage motorcycles. We want you to zip through the mountain trails, spend some time at mountain tops admiring the incredible views of Southwest Colorado and get your boots muddy. At the same time, we want to preserve our beautiful world and keep the trails and the people riding on them safe from flying rocks and dusty paths. Spend as much time as you want renting our off-roading vehicles, even days! Keep in mind while you’re getting your fill of adventure, though, that we’d like to keep these trails in good shape for a while and need your help! Here are some tips for your next off-road rental adventure.


Colorado can be a dry state at times, which inevitably means that dust will fly up in the air when you are driving through the mountains on your off-road rental. We know that you can’t keep the dust in place, but keep in mind that others following up are probably getting the brunt of the dust in their faces. Dust will also begin to cover the interior of the off-roading vehicles after continued use.

Have the Adventure of Your Lives!


Stay close enough to your party so that no one gets lost in the wilderness, but be mindful of how close the off-road rentals are getting. When there are more challenging trails, it is best to stay single file and keep a safe distance between vehicles. Keeping this distance allows a safe braking time, if necessary. Driving too close while going uphill can also be risky if the trails are slippery.

UTV rentalPassing on Flat Terrain

Careful passing will help both the vehicles and the surrounding nature. When passing from either the front or the rear, be sure that the path is wide enough for both vehicles to pass by easily. Keep an eye on the edge of the trail as well.

Passing on an Incline

The off-roading vehicle climbing uphill has the right of way. When climbing up steep trails, losing speed could potentially cause loss of traction or the engine may stall. The driver that is traveling downhill should pull over where the path is the widest and wait for the vehicle passing up the hill to drive by. Also, keep an eye on the edge of the trail.

Wheel Spinning

This can often happen when the UTV trails are muddy. If you are having difficulty getting through a location because of spinning wheels, try a different route. This can lead to ruts in the road and very muddy vehicles.


What goes in, must come out.


There are a lot of animals as well as grass and trees in the mountains of Colorado. Be respectful of all nature around you, and maybe hug a tree. Refresh yourself on what you should do when you come upon a larger animal such as a bear or moose. From the smallest squirrel to the biggest rocks, to the beautiful flowers, nature is your friend!

rent off road vehicle

Stay on the Trail

As tempting as it may be when you see something resembling a path, it’s best to remain on the already made trails. This will ensure that no one gets lost, as well as prevent damaging the mountains and the ATV or UTV rentals.


When you are on a flat trail and can see well ahead of you, enjoy the ride! However, when the trails are surrounded by thick forests and twisty and curvy trails, keep a light foot on the gas. Trails are often on the edge of steep hills, so ensure that you feel comfortable and safe when riding through these areas.

Most importantly, have fun! If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure, try renting one of our off-road rentals. Get our of the house and onto the mountains of beautiful Southwest Colorado and experience what it feels like to ride an off-roading vehicle down a mountain trail. Call today!