1. WHAT IS THE PICK UP / CHECK IN PROCESS? You will typically be able to pick up your machine the day before your rental between 4:30 and 5:30 PM the night before. We will contact you when we have a “ready to be picked up” time. Upon arrival, you will need to provide a valid driver’s license, proof of vehicle insurance, and a credit card with an available balance to cover the required damage deposit. Once the damage deposit is pre-authorized, you will need to sign the liability waiver and damage agreement. After completing the paperwork, a representative will conduct a walk around of all equipment to note any damages or defects. Once the walk around is complete, you will then be given a review on operating procedures. Once you are familiar with the equipment, you will be responsible for securing the trailer to your vehicle and for securing the equipment on the trailer. Although a PAR representative will be happy to assist you, the renter takes ultimate and full responsibility for securing the equipment to the trailer and the trailer to the vehicle. Prior to departure, we will review or answer any questions concerning trail head location or conditions at that time.


  1. WHAT IS THE DROP OFF / RETURN PROCESS?  Drop off  / return times are 4:30 pm the final day of rentals, regardless of when you picked up your vehicle. Once you arrive back at our yard, you will need to unload the vehicle and unhook the trailer. Remember to unload the vehicle first before unhitching from the tow vehicle. We will then go through a return checklist which will include a visual inspection and documentation that the equipment is undamaged and operating properly. If everything is in order, your damage deposit will be refunded. If damage is found, a repair estimate will be generated and the repair cost will be calculated and deducted out of the damage deposit. If damages exceed the damage deposit, renter will be responsible for all additional cost to repair or replace said equipment including but not limited to lost rental time, collection and attorney fee’s associated with loss recovery. See damage agreement.


  1. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO THE TRAIL HEAD? – 15 to 45 minutes depending on which trail head you choose.


  1. HOW MUCH TIME SHOULD I ALLOW FOR LOADING, and UNLOADING?– Loading and unloading usually takes about 15 minutes each way depending on how familiar you are with ratchet straps.


  1. WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR? We recommend long pants, light jacket, sun glasses, hat, bandanna or dust mask, and comfortable shoes with socks. Also bring rain gear if you have it.


  1. WHAT KIND OF VEHICLE IS REQUIRED TO TOW? Unless other arrangements have been made, you will need to provide a vehicle capable of towing at least 3500 pounds with a 2” ball hitch and trailer light plug. Four wheel drive is not necessary.


  1. WHAT IF WE DON’T HAVE A VEHICLE TO TOW THE TRAILER? If you do not have a tow vehicle you can rent one at the same time you rent your ATV / UTV. (we have a very limited quantity of towing vehicles available so if you need one make sure you book it at the same time.)


  1. WHAT If WE SHOW UP AND OUR VEHICLE WON’T TOW THE TRAILER? If for some reason your vehicle is not capable of towing one of our trailers (not powerful enough, no hitch, or trailer light plug in), you will forfeit your deposit unless other arrangement can be made. It is your responsibility to insure your vehicle is capable of towing a small trailer. Call us if you have any questions.


  1. WHAT IF IT IS RAINING? There are no cancellations or refunds for weather. All of our UTV’s have roofs and windshields to keep most of the weather out.


  1. DO WE HAVE TO WASH AND FUEL THE VEHICLES: NO. Pressure washing and fueling are now included in the rental charge.


  1. DO YOU PROVIDE INSURANCE? No, we do not provide insurance. All renters must sign a Liability Waiver and Damage Agreement prior to departure. A damage deposit of $2500 per machine is taken when you pick up the machine and is held until the machine is returned and checked in. Proof of auto insurance is required in order to transport our equipment or drive one of our tow vehicles. The damage agreement only applies to damage to the particular machine. It does not cover other equipment, property or individuals. The damage agreement does not cover any of the equipment during transportation. Damages incurred during transportation need to be paid by the renter and should be covered separately by the transporters / renters vehicle insurance.


  1. WHAT IF MY CREDIT CARD IS DECLINED FOR THE DAMAGE DEPOSIT? – It is your responsibility to make sure you have the funds available on your card the day of rental. If your card is declined you will forfeit your rental unless other arrangements can be made. The damage deposit is a pre-authorization hold on your card, the day of rental.


  1. WHAT IF I GET INTO AN ACCIDENT OR BREAK DOWN? If you break down, contact us via cell phone (if you have service). We will dispatch someone to your location. All of our machines are 2016 or newer models, however, mechanical problems can occur and should this happen to your rental, you will only be charged a pro-rated amount for the hours used as long as the problem is determined to have not been caused by the renter. No time will be credited for flat tires. If we have to come to you to change a flat tire, you will be charged $75 / hour for this service. If you get into an accident while transporting the trailer call 911. If you are in an accident or injured while operating the ATV / UTV, use your cell phone if you have signal to send for help. Someone will be in contact with you quickly.


  1. HOW ARE DAMAGES CALCULATED? When calculating damages, a Pagosa Adventure Rental representative will use their best efforts to provide a fair estimate based on the following: retail cost of parts, labor to assess damage, labor to order parts, shipping of parts, receiving and unloading of parts, labor to install parts, make repairs, and lost rental time. Renter is responsible for the daily rental fee until equipment is returned to service.


  1. WHAT IF I GET LOST? All of our vehicles come with detailed maps, tracker and GPS CO TREX app on your phone. Should you become lost or need assistance just call us and we will try to get you back on track. Should you still be unable to find your way back, you will be charged a rate of $75.00 per hour for extraction / recovery services. The time starts from when we leave the yard to when we return. Self-Guided means just that. It is your responsibility to know where you are going and how to get back. Getting lost is not an excuse for being late.


  1. WHAT IF I’M LATE RETURNING THE VEHICLE? Our standard return time is 4:30 pm unless other arrangements are made. After that, you will be charged $100 per hour, amortized by the minute.


    -Reservations require a 50% deposit.
    -Cancellations/Changes 14+ days from reservation will receive a full refund minus a $25 processing fee.
    -Cancellations/Changes 7+ days prior to reservation will receive a full refund minus a $50 processing fee.
    -No Cancellations/Changes within 7 days of your reservation. Your deposit will be forfeited.
  1. IS THERE A WEIGHT LIMIT? Yes there is. Weight limits depend on the vehicle being rented. Our 2 seat machines have a 500 pound passenger weight limit. Our 4 seat models have a 1000 pound weight limit. Our 6 seat vehicle has a weight limit of 1500 pounds. If you exceed these limits you will be denied rental and forfeit your deposit. We have a scale and we’re not afraid to use it.