What does your summer family vacation usually consist of? Disney World? Taking a week off and maybe seeing a couple movies or taking a day trip to a local beach? Add some spice to this year’s vacation with an off-road rental in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. UTV and ATV adventures is a vacation the whole family can look forward to. With beautiful views of the Colorado mountains, adventure hitting some of the best ATV riding trails there are, and even some R&R at a hot springs, you can experience a unique family vacation that may even become a yearly tradition.

What to Rent

Fortunately, Pagosa Adventure Rentals has vehicles that will fit each member of your family, or vehicles that multiple people can ride if there are younger children. The main difference between an ATV and a UTV is that an ATV does not have a frame or roll bar that covers the vehicle, a UTV has a frame that surrounds the vehicle for riders to grab onto.

We have both ATVs and UTVs that can carry two to six people depending on the vehicle. If father and son want to get away from the rest of the family for an hour or two, the two passenger 2017 Honda Pioneer has a windshield so the pair can speed up and down riding trails without worrying about flyaway stones. But don’t let mother and daughter feel left out, we also have a two person 2015 Can Am Outlander Max to show that off-roading isn’t just a man’s sport. If the whole family wants to stick together, the six passenger 2017 Kawasaki Mule Pro will offer both space and safety with the grab bar frame and roof.

Choose An Off-Road Rental to Fit Your Family

For a classy ride through the mountains, we even offer side by side motorcycle rentals. Riding a retro, two seat Ural M70 sidecar motorcycle through the mountains will be an experience like no other.

Off Road Rentals

What to Bring

Snacks, water, bug spray, and sunscreen are essentials on a family off-roading rental trip. For a true vacation and nature getaway, spend a night at a nearby campsite and bring a tent and sleeping bags. The six-seat Kawasaki Mule also has additional space for supplies. To ensure that the family stays safe on the ATV or UTV rentals, bring helmets and gloves to protect from potential falls. Also, wear a pair of durable jeans and jacket to prevent scrapes. Read our blog What to Bring Off Roading for more information on what to bring.

Where to go

Check out our page full of ideas on which ATV riding trails there are within the area. The Turkey Springs/Devil Mountain Loop trail is around 15 miles and will give you a beautiful ride through Colorado mountains. Or ride through the abandoned town of Summitville on the Elwood pass, but keep in mind, this trail is for experienced riders. But don’t worry, there are plenty of family-friendly trails to explore.

Give your family a unique vacation this year with off-road rentals in Pagosa Springs. A fun and adventurous trip through the mountains of Colorado can be a great way to spend some much needed time away from city or town life. Reserve your ATV or UTV rental today!