Planning an off-roading adventure isn’t quite like planning a trip to the beach. This type of adventure requires different gear and supplies that one would not need when sun tanning. For example, leave the flip flops at home. If you have never used an off-road rental before, there are some things you should know. Possibly the most important thing you want to be aware of is how much fun you are going to have. Terrain will vary from flat roads to windy trails to muddy creeks. Imagine speeding through twists and turns on an off-road rental, feeling the wind in your face and being covered in mud or dirt, reaching the summit of mountains and taking in breathtaking views. But before you get there, you need to know what to bring. So here are some tips to make your off-road adventure even more memorable.

Helmet and Goggles

Some of our side by side UTV rentals or ATVs do not come with doors or roll cages, and in the event of a vehicle tipping over, be prepared with a helmet. Even if the UTV does not tip over, some of the trails can be bumpier and depending on the speed, your adventure can become bumpy. Keep your noggin safe from hitting the frame of the UTV rental as well. Goggles are also important to protect your eyes from possible pebbles or pieces of dust that fly around. If possible, find a helmet that has a full face cover. Otherwise, choose a pair of goggles that have high-impact protection, not sunglasses that may fly off your face.

Choose Which Trail to Take Your UTV Rental On!


A good pair of quality riding gloves will serve multiple purposes. A benefit of gloves is that they will keep your hands warm during cooler weather or in the evening. They will also provide safety from rocks or branches, or in the event of a fall. Riding gloves will typically have padding over the knuckles to prevent bruises. Be sure that they gloves fit properly, not too tight, or loose so they don’t slide around on your hands and create blisters. Gloves will especially come in handy for longer trips.UTV off road


While they can be quite expensive, more experienced and frequent riders will invest in an off-roading suit. These consist of pants with knee pads, and shoulder and chest protectors to prevent serious injuries in case of a fall. The sturdy material will also protect from rocks and trees. If you are just beginning your off-roading hobby and don’t want to purchase expensive clothing, be sure to wear durable jeans and a long sleeve shirt or a jacket to protect from scratches. Keep an eye on the weather as well, if it’s colder, bring extra layers. Keep in mind, the off-road rentals don’t have windows or heating.


The most important thing you want from your foot gear is a strong grip. You want your feet to be flat against the footrests and to not slip around while you’re riding over rocks in your UTV. If possible, find a pair of boots that cover your calves to protect your lower legs.

Other Items You Might Find Useful

  • Snacks! If you are planning a longer UTV adventure, be sure to bring plenty snacks or a lunch to give you energy throughout your ride.
  • Water: Staying hydrated is incredibly important on any off-roading adventure.
  • Extra layers: Weather in the Colorado mountains can be fairly unpredictable. If it starts raining or gets cooler, layer up to keep warm.
  • Camping Gear: Rent one of our UTVs for multiple days and spend a few nights in the backcountry to get a whole new level of adventure.
  • Sunscreen: For out of towners, the higher elevation in the mountains means the sun is closer! Even on cloudy days, protect your skin with sunscreen.
  • Bug repellant: Use this to keep all the little flying creatures away.

Pagosa Adventure Rentals knows that you will have a great adventure on our off-road rentals. With the right tools and supplies by your side, you can feel comfortable and safe on any of the incredible trails we have access to. Contact us today to rent an off-roading vehicle!