Being on an off-road trail and riding an off-road rental brings out the thrill seeker in everyone. Speeding over hills, whipping around corners, and trudging through muddy rivers is now an adventure that everyone can participate in. However, ATV riding trails aren’t quite like driving on a gravel road in your Toyota sedan. In a regular vehicle, you have seatbelts, windows, and you don’t have to wear riding gloves. At Pagosa Adventure Rentals, we want you and your family to have an adventure like no other, but we also want you to be safe on the trails. Here are some quick tips on how to stay safe on the trails.


Even for experienced off-road rental riders, being safe starts with wearing the right gear. If you do plan on picking up the speed on the trails, be sure to wear a helmet, goggles, boots, and gloves. For more inexperienced riders who feel comfortable going at slower speeds, it is still recommended that you wear gloves, sturdy pants, and a long-sleeve shirt.

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Don’t Ride Alone

It’s always more fun to ride with other people anyway. Taking a couple riding buddies along with you on your ATV adventure will ensure that if one person runs out of gas or gets stuck in the mud, they aren’t stranded in the mountains of Colorado.

Don’t Drink and Drive

You wouldn’t do this in your Toyota, so you shouldn’t do this with an off-road rental either. Alcohol will impair your ability to ride safely and makes riding dangerous. With twists and turns in the trails, tight trails, rocks, trees, and tree branches obstructing your way at times, ATV trail riding requires attention and focus. If you choose an overnight rental, the time to indulge in a drink is when the ATV or UTV is safely parked.

Stick to the Trail

There are more than enough off-road trails to explore that have been designed specifically for ATV or UTV riding. Keeping to these trails is essential when keeping your group safe. The terrain can shift suddenly in the mountains and riding down a steep hill all of a sudden can be quite scary for even experienced trail riders. This will also help prevent damage to your vehicle and will make the trees and small animals happy.

Off Road RentalsKeep An Eye Out

Being aware of your surroundings is a large part of staying safe. This includes keeping an eye out for the riders who are with you, tree branches, large rocks, and dips or curves in the road. Try to keep a safe following distance from those in front of you in case they need to stop suddenly. There will be a variety of wildlife on the trails and they don’t need to stick to the trail, so watch out for them too.

Hand Signals

Each member of your group should learn some basic hand signals to better communicate with each other.

  • Left turn – Point your left arm straight out to your left side with your palm facing down.
  • Right turn – Raise your left arm out to your left side, bend it at the elbow, point your fingers toward the sky, and keep your palm facing forward.
  • Stop – Point your left arm straight out to the left and lower it slightly, turning your palm behind you.
  • Hazard right – Raise your left arm above your head and make a pointing motion to the right.
  • Hazard left – Point your left arm straight out to the left, palm down, and raise your arm up and down slightly.

Following these simple safety tips can ensure that you and your group remain safe and have fun throughout your trip. Riding off-road rentals and exploring the mountains of Southwest Colorado may be the highlight of your summer this year with ATV and UTV riding trails. Contact Pagosa Adventure Rentals to reserve your off-road rentals.