If you think visiting Pagosa Springs is an adventure, that is just the tip of the mountain! When you reserve an off-road rental from Pagosa Adventure Rentals, you can experience Colorado in a new and different way. You can ride through exciting trails, climb to the tops of mountains for exceptional views, and take a detour to beautiful and relaxing hot springs! Take your off-road rental and get dirty on the best trails and then take a soak in the hot springs and you’ll never want to go back home.

Turkey Springs and the Devil Mountain Loop Trail

Taking your ATV rental on this 30-mile trail loop will give you access to some of the greatest ATV trail riding and with a short hike, Piedra River Hot Springs. In the spring the winter run-off may still keep the river cool, so plan this trip in the late summer or early fall. That time frame will also give you a chance to view astonishing views of fall colors in the mountains. From the trailhead, it is a three-mile hike round trip and there are often wildlife sightings along the way.

Choose Which ATV Vehicle You Want For Your Adventure!

There is no trail access for ATVs, so be sure to pack sturdy hiking boots and plenty of your own water. Also allow extra time for ATV riding, hiking, and soaking in the springs. If you plan on this trail as part of your adventure, our multi-day rentals may be a great option. Within the area are numerous dispersed places to camp so you can explore the San Juan mountains on your ATV, spend a few hours at the hot springs, and still reach the top of Devil Mountain.

ATV rentals and trailsTips For Enjoying the Hot Springs

Bring Water, Not Alcohol

It may sound like a good idea, sipping a glass of wine while soaking in the hot springs, but this can be a dangerous combination with such hot temperatures. The hike in and out can leave you wanting something to drink, but to stay hydrated, stick with water.

Bring the Right Shoes

Hiking in can be strenuous, but you also might want to bring a pair of wet shoes to keep on while in the water. The Piedra River is fairly rocky and pools are made by gathering rocks to form the pool. Keep your toes protected so you can still enjoy another ATV trail after your soak.

Other Supplies

Be sure to pack typical swimming supplies like a swimsuit, towel, bug repellent and sunscreen. Being in the mountains, even on a partly cloudy day, the sun can still cause your skin to burn. A light backpack should be sufficient to include a couple of water bottles, sunscreen, towel, and some snacks. Keep in mind that you need to pack everything up and take it back with you to keep the area clean.

When you rent an ATV from Pagosa Adventure Rentals, you get more than just a ride through some of the best ATV trails in the San Juan and Rio Grande National Forests. You can take your off-road rentals through ancient Ponderosa pine tree forest , see fantastic views from Devil Mountain, and soak in a relaxing natural hot spring. To mix in a thrilling adventure with an ATV and a calming side trip to a hot spring, visit Pagosa Adventure Rentals.