1. Campsites Near Pagosa Springs

    Summer is getting closer and closer, which means it’s time to start planning your adventures. Colorado is a busy state and towns within the mountains are even busier with hiking trails and off-road rentals and trails to explore. The mountains near Pagosa Springs, CO are some of the most adventurou…Read More

  2. What To Bring Off Roading

    Planning an off-roading adventure isn’t quite like planning a trip to the beach. This type of adventure requires different gear and supplies that one would not need when sun tanning. For example, leave the flip flops at home. If you have never used an off-road rental before, there are some things …Read More

  3. Respect the Off Roading Trail

    At Pagosa Adventure Rentals, we want our visitors to have the time of their lives renting our ATVs, UTVs, and vintage motorcycles. We want you to zip through the mountain trails, spend some time at mountain tops admiring the incredible views of Southwest Colorado and get your boots muddy. At the sa…Read More

  4. Why We’re the Best For UTV Rental!

    If you’re looking for a real adventure, if you want to see a side of Colorado that most people never see, if you’re looking for a thrill, you are at the right place. Get out of town, get away from the breweries, and get off the couch with Pagosa Adventure Rentals. Take some friends or the family…Read More

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    Welcome to Our Blog!

    Welcome, adventurers! If you’re stopping through Pagosa Springs, Colorado, chances are good that you like to have a good time, whether it’s snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, hiking, or off roading. Tucked amid the San Juan Mountains and between two national forests, there is something to do for…Read More